Campaign Status Guide

There are three Campaign Statuses:

  1. Published
  2. Draft/Hidden
  3. Archived

Two quick points to note:

  1. You are able to toggle Campaigns between the three statuses at any time, noting that moving a Campaign from "Published" to either "Draft/Hidden" or "Archived" will make the page inaccessible to the public.
  2. On "Draft/Hidden" and "Archived", the preview will not be available in the "Design" step. If you'd like to see a preview of your page in progress, your best option would be to toggle the Status to "Published", view the page, then move the status back to "Draft/Hidden" if you need to continue to make edits.

For a run-down on the different Campaign Types, please see this article.



"Published" means that the Campaign is live and active. For General & Peer-to-Peer Campaigns, this means that the URL is publically accessible and the page is ready to accept donations and/or for supporters to create their own Peer-to-Peer page.



Draft/Hidden is the default status when creating a new Campaign. This status means that the page is inaccessible from the public. This is a great status to have when you are creating a new page but are not ready to launch it as you are able to continue to edit the page.



If your Campaign is finished, or simply no longer needed, you can move the status to "Archived". This will make the page inaccessible to the public, and effectively "end" the Campaign.

Note, this will not cancel any recurring donations that are attached to the Campaign. Any recurring donation that is attached to the now-Archived Campaign will continue to run, and the donations will continue to be earmarked for that Campaign.