Embeddable Form Campaign Guide

If you'd simply like to create a Campaign for the purpose of embedding a donation form into your site and tracking the Campaign totals, building an Embeddable Form Campaign is the perfect option.


These Campaigns do not include a public page hosted by Donately and cannot be used with peer-to-peer fundraisers. They are strictly for adding earmarking to a form that will be embedded into your website.

Embeddable Form Campaigns are only available to our Legacy, Starter, Team & Enterprise Users. If you're a Free user and would like to embed donation forms into your own website, click here to learn more about upgrading!


Below are the steps to building an Embeddable Form Campaign. Clicking on any step from this list will take you directly to that section!



Campaign Title

A title is required to build any type of Campaign. Though never visible publicly in an Embeddable Form Campaign, giving this Campaign a unique title helps you identify it from a list, such as when you are filtering data, or when you export data.



Campaign Status

For a full breakdown of Campaign Statuses, please see this article.

Campaign Goal

Goals are optional for Embeddable Form Campaigns but are needed if you will be embedding a progress bar into your website. If you do not plan on embedding a progress bar, the goal will never be publicly visible.


Form Settings

Building a New Form

If you're ready to build a new form to embed with this Campaign earmarked, you simply have to click "Save and Create New Form" button. This will publish the Campaign and take you to the form builder for a new donation form. You'll see on the Settings page that this Campaign is automatically earmarked to that new form.

For more information on building & customizing a new donation form, please check out this article.

Editing an Existing Form

If you already have a donation form built where you'd like to add this Campaign as an earmark, select the form from the list and click "Save & Edit This Form". This will publish or save your Campaign, and take you to the editor for that form. 

Note: If you have the Campaign Selector custom field on the Form you're trying to edit, you are not able to also earmark an individual Campaign. Instead, simply add this new Campaign to the dropdown, else create a new donation form.