Do I get notifications for every donation?

By default, no. Every donation to an account does not trigger a notification email to the account admins, as that would quickly become excessive on most accounts.


However, there are a few ways to get notified of each donation:

The Most Simple: Daily Digests via Donately

You can enable a daily digest notification through Donately, which will be emailed to any admin each day. These are enabled on a per-admin basis, so everyone who would like to be notified will need to be linked to your organization's Donately account and set this up.


Please note that this feature is only available on our Team & Enterprise tiers. To learn more about notifications, please see this article.


Pretty Simple, But More Custom: Zapier

Use Donately's integration with Zapier to set up custom notifications, without a single line of code! We put together a step-by-step guide, with plenty of screenshots, to help you get going. Check that out here!



You can use the Donately API to listen for any donation on your account and trigger an email to be sent when a donation is received. You can utilize the Webhook Utility tool built into the Donately dashboard if you are on our Team or Enterprise plan!