Adding Gift Aid to Your Donation Form Using Custom Fields

Step by step guide for creating a custom Gift Aid designation on your donation form

Donately allows UK-based organizations a simple solution for adding Gift Aid program collection to their donation forms to boost donations. Gift Aid allows you to claim 25% tax back on eligible donations, increasing your funds without any extra cost to your supporters. Make Gift Aid a part of your fundraising strategy and elevate your nonprofit's financial sustainability.

In this guide, we'll show you how to set up Gift Aid on your donation form using Donately's Custom Fields feature. 

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Log in to your Donately account.
    • Navigate to your Forms [provide link to General Forms page]
    • Select the Form you’d like to add Gift Aid to and open the Form Builder Tool, or add to a new Form
  2. Click on the "Fields and Layout" tab 
    • Select “Add New Form Field” button
    • From the Custom Fields selections, add a new “Section Header” Field
    • Using our example phrasing, add into the placeholder the following to share details with your supporters about the Gift Aid Program: 

    Add 25% more to your donation at no cost to you. A Gift Aid declaration allows us to claim tax back on eligible donations. It means that for every £1 you donate we can claim back 25p, at no extra cost to you. 

    Next, let’s add a checkbox for donations that can be applied to the Gift Aid Program.

    1. Click to add another "New Form Field” section.
      • From the Custom Fields selections, add a new “Checkbox” Field
      • Choose the Field ID for your reporting, our suggestion is: Gift_Aid_Responses
      • Using our example, add into the Placeholder Label the following phrasing to allow supporters to take part in the Gift Aid Program through their donation:

    By ticking the box "Yes", I agree I would like <NPO> to reclaim the tax on all qualifying donations I have made, as well as any future donations, until I notify them otherwise. I understand that if I pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all my donations in that tax year I may be asked to pay any difference. I understand that <NPO> will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give.

    2.   Click "Publish Your Form" button to save your Gift Aid custom fields to your Form.

    Benefits of Adding Gift Aid:

    • Boost Donations: By adding Gift Aid to your donation forms, you can significantly boost your fundraising efforts. Gift Aid allows you to claim an extra 25p for every £1 donated by UK taxpayers at no additional cost to your supporters. This means that a £100 donation from a Gift Aid-eligible donor becomes £125, providing a substantial increase in funds for your organization.
    • Encourage Larger Donations: When donors know that their contributions can go further with Gift Aid, they may be more inclined to give larger amounts. This benefit can lead to increased donations and greater financial support for your nonprofit's mission.
    • Enhance Donor Engagement: Gift Aid demonstrates your commitment to transparency and financial stewardship. By offering this option, you show your supporters that you're dedicated to making the most of their contributions, building trust, and encouraging ongoing engagement.
    • Attract UK Taxpayers: Gift Aid is specifically designed for UK taxpayers, making it an appealing feature for your British supporters. By highlighting Gift Aid on your donation forms, you can attract more UK taxpayers to donate to your cause.

    Adding Gift Aid to your donation forms through Donately's Custom Fields feature is a smart and strategic move for your UK-based nonprofit. Not only does it provide you with the opportunity to increase your fundraising revenue, but it also offers benefits to your donors and your mission.

    By giving your supporters the option to Gift Aid their donations, you empower them to make a more significant impact with their contributions. This encourages larger gifts and can lead to increased financial support for your programs and initiatives.

    Moreover, the inclusion of Gift Aid demonstrates your commitment to financial transparency and responsible stewardship. It reassures your donors that their contributions are being put to good use and encourages them to stay engaged with your organization.

    Gift Aid is a win-win for both your nonprofit and your supporters. It's a simple yet effective way to maximize your fundraising efforts, attract UK taxpayers, and strengthen your relationship with your donors. Start harnessing the power of Gift Aid today and watch your donations grow while making a more significant impact on your mission.



    For additional guidance on using Custom Fields and other Donately features, please refer to our Custom Fields Guide.