The importance of re-embedding donation forms after making updates

Team or Enterprise accounts have the ability to embed Donation Forms. While this is a great feature, you want to make sure that whenever you are making updates or upgrades to your Donation Form, those updates get applied to the embedded form on your website. 


While any edits made to a Donation Form will be updated on the Donately hosted URL for your donation form automatically when saving/publishing any changes to your form, to view those changes on your own website, it will require you to re-embed your donation form since your previously embedded form won't contain all the configurations that your modified form now has.


Forgetting to re-embed your Donation Form will not causes issues with donors being unable to make a donation, but, it may prevent modified meta_data from being captured from the updated form.


Once you save or publish any recently updated form, you will be taken to the "share my form" page of your Donately Dashboard. You will find the simple, advanced, and iframe script on that page to easily re-embed into your website backend.


If you have any questions or need further support, our support team is available to help!