Redirecting Payload Data


With the Donately platform, it's easy to redirect your donor to another page "post-donation" and redirect information that you choose to send about that donor and their donation to that same redirected URL.


This feature allows for things like dynamic thank you page content, custom analytics, and even real-time and custom data collection and/or notifications. 

When in the form builder to make changes to the redirect of your form, you’ll want to click into the “Post Donation” section.

Then click on the “After Donation” drop down and you’ll see the option to not only redirect donors to a different URL but you’ll also see a toggle option to send the donor’s payload data to that redirected URL as well which allows donor and donation data to be added to the URL so you can capture that data on your thank you page. 

Those who are looking to give their donors more customized content unique to the fundraising efforts they supported will find this feature a game-changer.