Importing Donors as 'Contacts' from one platform over to Donately

When leaving one platform and switching over to Donately, it's important that the transition runs seamlessly. If you are looking to move over your donors from your previous platform to Donately, and either don't have or don't need their payment data sent over (they aren't recurring donors), you would need to complete this simple process below so that the Donately team can import your donors into your dashboard. 


A few steps needed in order to complete the spreadsheet that the Donately Team will send you to begin the importing process are listed below.


  1. Complete the Donately General Donor Import Spreadsheet, making sure that the information requested by Donately in each column matches the example provided. *You must complete and save this file as a CSV.*
    1. This process will need you to export your donor data from your current platform and save it into the spreadsheet Donately provided
  2. Contact Donately with your completed form and request an import to be completed into the Donately Dashboard
    1. **Please note: this can take up to a week to complete so communicate with the Donately team to understand when the import will be completed**