Updating Credit Card Information for Recurring Donation(s)

Recurring donations are one of the most important vital parts of any organizations' online fundraising efforts. Therefore, it's crucial for organizations and donors to easily edit the credit card information being used to fund these recurring gifts. Below are the step-by-step instructions on how to edit this information: 


For Organizations: 

From your dashboard, click "Recurring Plans" in the left-hand navigation bar. Then find and click on the recurring plan that needs updated card information. From here, scroll down the the section titled "Credit Card Details", and click  Edit on the far right side. Enter the new credit card details, then click the green "Update" button. 


For Donors:

Log into your Donor Dashboard. Then click on "My Recurring Plans" in the left-hand navigation bar. Hover over, and click any plan listed. From here, find the section titled " Credit Card Details", and click the Edit button of the far right-hand side. Enter your updated card information, then click the green "Update" button to finalize the change. 


*Note: Donors will need to update each recurring plan when a new card is being used.