Additional Recurring Donation Options

Our additional recurring donation options are the perfect way to boost your recurring donation strategy. With additional cadence options and flexible stop dates, this functionality is exactly what you've been missing to add solid, repeatable revenue to your books. 


Frequency Options

Move beyond monthly recurring donations and offer an entire menu of frequency options in any order. Below are all of the additional options available on our Team & Enterprise Plans:

  • Daily recurring
  • Recurring every 2 days
  • Recurring every 3 days
  • Recurring every 7 days (once per week)
  • Recurring every 14 days
  • Recurring every 28 days
  • Recurring every 2 months
  • Recurring every 3 months (quarterly)
  • Recurring every 4 months
  • Recurring every 6 months (bi-annually)
  • Recurring once a year



Allow donor to set Stop Date

The simplest option for a stop date other than starting immediately is to let the donor pick a date if they would instead like it to stop on a specific date in the future. By simply toggling on "Allow donors to set Stop Date", a calendar field will show labeled "Stop Date" with "Until Cancelled" whenever the donor selects a recurring cadence from the donation form.


For example, if you have this option toggled, when the donor selects "Monthly Recurring Donation", they will see this on the donation form:




If the donor clicks into this field, they will be presented with a calendar where they can pick their own stop date. The calendar will default to one-cadence in the future, depending on the selection. That is - for monthly donations, the calendar will show one month in the future; for annual donations, one year in the future, and so on.


The donor can set a stop date before the second installment in the plan will run, which will effectively make it a one-time donation. For that reason, we recommend being intentional about allowing this option.





Set a default Stop Date

Along with defaulting the stop date to "Until Cancelled", you can also set a default date to a variable time in the future after the stop date, ranging from 1 day to 100 years (we would not recommend that far in the future :) !)


To set this option, toggle on "Allow donor to set Stop Date", then select "Set Default Stop Date" from the dropdown. Once you do this, two fields will display:


The field on the left is for you to pick a number, and the field on the right is the time variable. For example below, if I select "Years(s)", the stop date will default to 2 years in the future from the Start Date. That is - if the start date is 1 month from now, and you set the default Stop Date to 2 years, the stop date will be in 25 months from now for a monthly recurring donation.




Set a Fixed Stop Date

If you have a specific Campaign running where you want all recurring donations to end on a specific date, you can opt to set a fixed stop date. This is a great option for things like Fun Runs, or Pledge Campaigns.


We only recommend this option in very specific situations! If you set a fixed stop date, once that date has passed, recurring donations can still process through the form, but will instead process immediately as one-time donations. This may result in a very confusing donor experience.


To set this option, toggle on "Allow donor to set Stop Date", then select "Set Fixed Stop Date" from the dropdown. Once you do that, a calendar field will display:




On the donation form, the donor will be able to see the future date, but will not be able to edit it: