Recurring Plan status guide

Recurring plans can have one of a handful of statuses. Here is a quick rundown of each.


Please note: Users on our Team or Enterprise Plans can sign up for a daily digest email notification that will alert them any time a recurring donation fails, ensuring you can notify the donor and get their plan back on track as quickly as possible. You can set these notifications up per admin by going to Account Settings, then Notifications.



Active: The plan is and will continue to run as scheduled.

Canceled: The plan was manually canceled by either an admin or the donor themself.


Failed_(One, Two or Three): This reflects a plan we are attempting to charge, but it has failed that number of times.

Our schedule for running failed recurring plans is as follows: Twice on the day scheduled, then two more times on the same day of the next month. If it fails all four times, we move it to Suspended.


Suspended: As noted above, Suspended means that we have tried to charge the card 4 times, but the card failed each of the 4 times. At this point, we won't attempt the charge the card again unless a change is manually made. Typically, this means needing to update the donor's credit card.