Integrating Donately with Google Analytics (GA4)

Adding your Google Analytics ID to your Donately dashboard is a great way to get advanced data about your donations. With their platform, you're able to track source data, demographics, and much more. 


Note: In order to enable our integration with Google Analytics, you'll need to be on a Team or Enterprise plan. If you're not a user yet, please see our pricing here. If you're a Legacy, Free, or Starter tier user, read more about upgrading in your dashboard:


As the digital world becomes increasingly interconnected, linking Donately to your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account is crucial for optimizing your fundraising campaigns. By integrating Donately with GA4, you can get granular insights into your donors' behaviors and refine your outreach strategies. Let's walk you through the process.


  • Active Donately account.
  • Active Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account.
  • Admin access to both accounts.

Step 1: Create a New Data Stream in GA4

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Navigate to the GA4 property where you want to track Donately data.
  3. Click on Data Streams under the Data Settings section.
  4. Choose the type of stream you want (Web is recommended for Donately tracking).
  5. Follow GA's instructions to set up the data stream. Make sure to copy the Measurement ID (It looks like: G-XXXXXXX).

Step 2: Connect GA4 to Donately

  1. Log into your Donately dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Integrations >> Native Integrations tab
  3. Look for the Google Analytics integration option.
  4. Enter the Measurement ID you copied from GA4.
  5. Save or confirm the integration.

Step 3: Verify Integration

  1. Make a test donation or transaction on your Donately campaign.
  2. Go back to your GA4 account and check the Realtime report to see if the data from Donately appears.
  3. If you see data from your test, the integration is successful!

Step 4: Set Up Events or Goals (Optional)

For more advanced tracking, you can set up events or goals in GA4 based on specific actions taken on Donately, such as completing a donation, signing up for an event, etc.

  1. In GA4, navigate to the Events section.
  2. Click on Create Event.
  3. Define the event parameters (e.g., Category: Donation, Action: Complete).
  4. Save the event.

Step 5: Monitor and Analyze

With Donately connected to GA4, you can now monitor donation metrics, analyze donor behavior, and understand which strategies are working best. Regularly review the data to optimize your fundraising efforts.


  • Consider setting up additional events in GA4 for detailed insights, such as tracking donation amounts, frequencies, or specific campaign interactions.
  • Regularly check the integration, especially after any major updates to either Donately or GA4, to ensure data flow remains uninterrupted.


If you face issues with the integration, here are some common fixes:

  1. Ensure you've input the correct Measurement ID in Donately.
  2. Verify that you have the required permissions in both GA4 and Donately.
  3. If using any ad blockers, whitelist your GA4 and Donately domains, as they might interfere with the data transfer.

Should you face any other issues, please reach out to Donately's support team for further support