What is Zapier?

What is Zapier?

Zapier is an online service that makes it easy to connect web apps to each other. They create these connections by utilizing the APIs of the programs, but in a point-and-click style. Zapier requires no coding knowledge, and their interface walks you through the process step-by-step.


What’s an API?

An API is essentially a standard way to communicate between two systems.  By connecting Donately with another system, you can enable best-in-class functionality. An example of this would be sending your donation receipt through GMail, or connecting your donor data with a CRM like Salesforce.


What are some examples of what you can do by connecting Donately & Zapier?

First, you would set your trigger, which Zapier calls "Zaps". The structure is "When this happens, complete this action".

Here are a few examples in the context of Donately:

When a donation...

  • Occurs
  • Is over a specific amount
  • Is for a specific campaign

...Do this...

  • Send an email
  • Add the data to another application
  • Add to a marketing list


This all sounds complicated, is this hard to do?

Nope, it's actually pretty easy! There is no programming involved, as all Zaps are "point-and-click" based. Plus, we have a collection of guides to help you get started and we're happy to assist if you run into any trouble.


Awesome! The important question, how much does it cost?

Zapier has a free level account that is a great starting point and currently includes 5 "Zaps" and 100 "Triggers" each month. To use some applications deemed to be "Premium", such as Salesforce, you'll need to upgrade to a paid account. At the time of publishing (Fall 2018), Zapier paid accounts start around $20/month and include a lot more zaps and triggers each month. They also have a nonprofit discount! Check out this page to learn more.