Couldn't I just use Stripe or PayPal to save on costs? Why use Donately?

You could just use a payments processor, such as Stripe or PayPal, to process donations, but doing so risks creating a sub-optimal donor experience.


Here are a couple of key improvements that come with adding Donately on top of Stripe:

1. You will have access to a customizable donation page with a unique URL where you can send traffic. This will also give you the ability to run peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. When compared to industry benchmarks, our pages are more 2-4 times more likely to convert traffic to donations.


2. For those on our Starter, Team, or Enterprise tier, using Donately also gives you the ability to customize and embed a donation form to your site so that donors never have to leave to make a donation. Payment processing forms usually lack customization to match the form to your existing web styles or add customizable fields.


3. Your donors will automatically get a customizable thank you message & donation receipt that includes all tax-related information. 


4. Donately makes it very easy to accurately track all donor data and information and allows for very quick exporting of data.


5. Finally, Donately offers your donors the optional ability to activate their own donor profile, where they can see past donors, manage & update existing recurring plans, edit personal information, edit peer-to-peer fundraising pages, and download tax reports at the beginning of the year.


In the end, we believe that the small cost of using Donately on top of payment processing will be paid for over and over again by saving time for your organization and making for a better donor experience.