Create a donation manually

You are able to manually enter a credit card donation as well as record cash/check donations into Donately's dashboard.


Important note when making manual donations: If you do not have an email address for a donor, simply leave the email field blank and an artificial email will be made in place. If you enter an actual email, such as your own, this will tie the donation to that email's donor record and is impossible to reverse.


Step 1. Navigate to the Donations page

From any page, click on "Donations" from the left-hand menu.


Step 2. Click "New" in the upper right-hand corner

Once on the donation screen, choose whether you're entering a credit card or cash/check donation on the next screen by selecting the appropriate box at the very top.


Step 3. Fill in any information you have and submit

Enter any information you have, such as name, email, address, or phone number. Additionally, for either donation option, you have the ability to earmark the donation towards a specific Campaign and/or Fundraiser. This is a great way to give credit to Fundraisers for any donations they receive away from Donately!

As mentioned previously, if you do not have an email address for the donor, simply leave the field blank.