Why are there 2 separate fees on each donation?

You may notice that each donation incurs two fees: one fee is from Donately and the other is from Stripe or PayPal. Please find a breakdown of each below. Keep in mind that we allow for the option for donors to cover both per-donation fees as a part of their donation.



Donately charges a low, flat percent per donation in order to cover our operating expenses. This fee varies depending on the tier that your organization is on, but is generally either 4% (Free) 3.5% (Starter) or 2% (Team).



We proudly partner with Stripe & PayPal to handle donation processing. As with any payment processor, both charges 2.9% per donation + $0.30 on credit card payments. Stripe may have other fees based on the donor's card network. You can learn more about those here.

They also offer a discount on credit card processing for nonprofits. Click here for more information.

For ACH donations, Stripe charges 0.8% per donation, with a cap of $5. That means any donation over $625 via ACH only incurs a Stripe charge of $5, making it a great option for bigger donations.