Can Donately help me find donors?


While Donately exists to help individuals and organizations spend less time managing donations and more time focusing on their mission, the Donately platform is not a crowdfunding database. This means that in order to have the best experience with Donately and fundraising through the platform, you will need to have donors that you currently interact with or you know how to obtain them. 


At this time, Donately does not have a public list of all organizations and individuals fundraising on its platform that interested donors can search for. The way that Donately works is allowing individuals and organizations to create quick and easy fundraising campaigns and donations forms to then share out amongst the organizer's own donor/supporter database. 


Creating a campaign page or donation form will not be searchable on Donately for those who are unaware of your cause or organization. If you are currently looking to fundraise but also need help finding new donors, Donately may not be the best platform for you.