Advanced Text Customization

Donately gives users the ability to fully customize every line of text on any form.

View Video Tutorial Here.


Customizations are endless when it comes to creating the Donation form to meet your needs, thanks to our advanced customization options.


With Donately's form builder, you have the ability to customize/modify the wording/phrase in any text box on the form (including your "Donate Now" button).


Let's walk through how simple this feature is to use.


  1. Once you create a new Donation Form you'll want to walk through the initial steps of getting things set up, such as the payment methods, required fields you need Donors to complete, etc.
  2. When you're ready to start editing some (or all) of the text box fields, you will want to click into the section "Design & Copy"
  3. From there, scroll down to "Advanced Text Options"
  4. Every section that has a text box will be editable, so you'll want to find and open the section that has the fields you're looking to modify
    1. For instance: If I want to edit the "Donate Now" button, I will find that under Standard Fields.
  5. Next make any edits that you would like to be reflected on your form and double check in the desktop/mobile preview if it looks how you envisioned.
    1. For this example, I am changing the Donate Now button to instead read Register for Donately 5k Race.
  6. You can edit any section that has writing on it within the Donately Form, so get creative, use your imagination, and expand a regular donation form to meet the needs of what you're fundraising for!